Full Throttle Saloon

Reality show about Full Throttle Saloon, the worlds largest biker bar, open once a year for 10 days during Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota. Watch how Mike Ballard manages the ...

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 5.5

Season 1 - Full Throttle Saloon
"With just a few days to make his money for the entire year, owner Michael struggles to get the world's largest biker bar ready for the Sturgis Rally. Employees are caught stealing, fires break out, and a mysterious body even turns up."
"In this episode, a star performer is taken to jail, a key employee quits and another gets drunk. Plus, it's chaos at the Korn concert as Michael and Jesse try to stage a separate show in the back while still running the main bar. If it fails, it could be devastating."
"In this episode, a lightning storm hits the Throttle. Plus, late night partying goes way overboard and one employee is sent to the hospital while another may be fired."
"After seeing his profits washed away by the weather, Michael works to get a big crowd for Jackyl's annual Thursday night concert at the Throttle. The only problem? It's raining again. Can Jesse and his Jackyl band-mates save the day?"
Season 2 - Full Throttle Saloon
"The competition makes a shocking move to take down the Throttle. Michael struggles to stage big name concerts, but it may be too costly and too late. The Flaunt girls might be finished after a key member quits and another has a terrifying accident."
"It's opening night, but the Throttle may not be ready. The scramble to book a big name act intensifies, as the competition heats up across the street. Plus, Michael catches Angie in a compromising position."
"A disappointing start to the rally has Jesse and Angie butting heads. And, security chases a suspected prostitute."
"Bret Michaels prepares for his big performance, but backstage problems at the Throttle may prevent him from taking the stage. Plus, Michael's decision to charge at the door has Jesse up in arms. Will the new policy drive away crowds?"
"Jesse prepares to take his show to new heights, with a special guest DMC. The throttle family feuds while Angie puts her assets on the line."
"Flaunt has a make or break performance but Michael has a surprise in-store Angie. Jackyl's show ends with a bang."
"Michael considers selling the bar. An employee is attacked. And, Flaunt learns their fate."
"It's the last night of the rally, and Michael takes another step towards selling the bar. Plus, Fajita Mike's wild night forces security to take drastic action against him."
Season 3 - Full Throttle Saloon
"The Full Throttle Saloon is kicking everything up a notch for the 2011 Rally, with bigger and better entertainment. But for owner Michael Ballard, the problems are also bigger. A new bartender is missing and a frantic search begins. The beloved Flaunt girls are struggling, and may get replaced. And Jesse's cooking up a dangerous stunt to try and top last year's cannon shot."
"It's the first day of the rally but the Throttle staff is unprepared, and in a panic. Goat goes on a bender after a heated fight with Jesse. Angie and the Flaunt girls have to step up for their first performance, or they may get replaced. And one new employee gets fired, leading to an all out brawl when he unexpectedly returns."
"Michael tries a risky move that forces Jesse to make a stand; Fajita Liz's return to the kitchen doesn't sit well with Rusty, the new manager; one of the Throttle's wildest bartenders shakes things up."
"The staff tries to find a counterfeiter passing bogus bucks at the bar; Jesse gets blamed when a Flaunt Girl's debut as a singer hits some sour notes; two members of the saloon family prepare to tie the knot."
"An appearance by Ted Nugent promises a major turnout, but if the staff can't answer the bell, there's a chance the rocker won't rock. Meanwhile, an ambulance is called for an employee; Angie turns her fury on Jesse; and Jerry Springer pays a visit."
"At the last minute, Michael tries to pull the plug on Jesse's bridge stunt; the Throttle's most lucrative day is threatened by inclement weather; and Angie has a shocking surprise for Michael."
"Jackyl's annual concert is dedicated to the military -- and a surprise guest shows up and shocks everyone."
"Jesse is furious to learn that Michael charged admission to the Jackyl show; Rusty's marriage encounters problems."
"On the rally's last night, a fired bartender shows up and makes trouble; a fortune in profits are unaccounted for; and Angie finally takes a pregnancy test."
Season 4 - Full Throttle Saloon
"In the season 4 premier, Michael announces he won't allow Flaunt to perform this year, angering Angie and the girls, while Fajita Mike returns and fires up a rivalry with the new hibachi chef next door."
"Michael races to open the bar on the first day of the rally; two employees leave without warning; Michael and Angie's conflict is concluded; an unexpected guest brings news."
"A major storm blows through on day two of the rally. Jesse, against Michael's wishes, forges ahead with plans to do a major stunt and stages an explosive test run. It's a tumultuous night at the bar as two key bartenders quit. Angie and Jesse clash when Jesse makes a big dollar commitment that threatens to derail her wedding plans."
"Michael goes on the hunt for an employee who may be stealing from him. Angie's new dance troupe performs their first show, which stirs up trouble with her old group Flaunt. When the Throttle struggles with bartender issues, Jesse blames Angie. And Angie's problems get worse when a member of her dance troupe is accused of stealing cash from a customer, and may get sent to jail."
"Michael drops a bombshell on Angie that puts their wedding in jeopardy. Record heat and record crowds have the Throttle spiraling out of control as they prepare for Travis Tritt's big performance."
"Michael and the Throttle crew go toe to toe with the headlining act, and they may have a riot on their hands. Goat's mouth gets him in trouble when he starts a fight with Security guard Pat. Celebrity Jerry Springer hits up the bar for the Full Throttle experience. Then, the return of two veteran bartenders causes a stir with the new girls."
"Colt Ford plays the Throttle, but the night's headliner, Tanya Tucker, goes missing hours before her performance. The security team faces a rash of underage drinking, which could cost the bar its license. Michael's VIP guest gets sent to the hospital. And when a bartender slanders the Throttle on the internet, Michael turns the tables."
"Michael derails Jesse's exploding box stunt at the last minute, but Jesse's secret backup plan could be even more explosive. When Michael investigates a bartender who might be stealing from him, he uncovers a much bigger problem for the bar."
"Progress is made on Michael's million-dollar inheritance; and DMC rocks the last night of the rally, but a storm puts a damper on the evening. Later, the crew pack up and head to the risky Kansas City event; Jesse finds his exploding box; and Michael drops a wedding bombshell on Angie."
"Michael and Angie's wedding has all the Throttle's colorful characters in attendance, and contributing in unique ways. But problems arise as the crew struggles to put on the Throttlefest."
Season 5 - Full Throttle Saloon
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Season 6 - Full Throttle Saloon
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